DSC Winter Sunday 2017


Download DSC Winter Sunday Leagues Schedule

Regular season and playoffs 1st and 2nd place will receive either cash, credit or gift card to #DSC. See breakdowns below.

Regular Season
1st place gets $100 cash or credit to next season
2nd place gets $25 gift card to Downers Sand Club

1st place gets $100 cash or credit to next season
2nd place gets $25 gift card to Downers Sand Club

DSC Sunday Winter Leagues Standing

Teams GamesPoints
Big Digs and Hot Passes14 - 1(93%)308 - 217
Medical Staff11 - 4(73%)292 - 229
Sandstorm5 - 10(33%)256 - 287
Scandalous Cartographers 10 - 5(67%)286 - 252
Splat4 - 11(27%)235 - 300
The Ostriches1 - 14(7%)213 - 305

Sunday Night Co-Ed 4’s Advanced League

1Balls Deep90189133
1Goofy Goobers90189109
1Rough Sets90189133
7Balls In Your Face6012672
7Clever Beaches6012658
7Free Agents63167169
10Bump Set Friendship54181150
10Dumbledore’s Army5112278
10Sets on the Beach5112079
10Volley Lamas54174155
15Bump, Set, Shots4211498
15Deacon Blues4210696
15Dig Deep42118115
15Dig Down Thotiana42115101
15Free Agents45171178
15Net Savers45165162
15Rough Sets42116102
15Sand Storm45161164
23Bumps and Balls33112106
23Chicks and Cock’s36158169
23Dat Ace Doe339396
23Ground Squirrels3310599
23It’s A Set Up36154178
23That’s What She Set33119105
23You Got Served36135168
32Free Agents2493110
32I’d Hit That2498116
32No Name27161186
32Rough Sets27141179
32Setter Than Ezra27130182
32Valyrian Spikers2492113
39Game of Throws1585122
39Notorious D.I.G.18130186
39Set for Life18123182
39Team Kelly15103117
39Trauma Queens1574124
39You Can’t Set With Us1579123
45Sets on the Beach0664126
45We Know It0678126

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